Christmas Gift Card Holder Cards

Hello dear stampers! I promised I’d post some gift card holder cards and finally here they are! I’m going to share all six cards even though Christmas 2019 has passed you can save these ideas for next year. I won’t go into details but if you are interested in how to construct one of more of these cards just send me a message.

Gift Card 1


Gift Card 1a


Gift Card 2


Gift Card 2a


Gift Card 3

This one is a matchbook on the front. I lost the photo of it open.


Gift Card 3a


Gift Card 4


Gift Card 4a


Gift Card 5


Gift Card 5a


Gift Card 6


Gift Card 6a

This one sort of pops out of the pocket flap.


Of course these folds can be used for any occasion but I did a class on just Christmas Gift Card Holder Cards and we made these six. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing these creations. 

Have a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Happy Stamping!      Donna

Envelope Gift Card Holder

Hello Stampers! Today I have a really cool way to make a gift card holder using a medium envelope. Once again I got the idea from Dawn Griffith.

This looks like a normal card…right!  


Ok…still no WOW…


Very cool…right! You can slip a gift card or small gift into the pocket formed by the envelope. I love this!


Check out Dawn Griffiths video for details. She explains it so much better than I would! 🙂


I loved her sample so much I made one like it!





Love, love, love this technique! Watch Dawn’s video a few times and you’ll find it isn’t that difficult. We did this in class and no one had a problem with it, and they loved it. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s card! See you next Friday with some new ideas. My 10 year old granddaughter is staying with us this week and she’s going to town with her cards. I wish I had taken a photo of the Get Well card she made for her other grandmother. We mailed it right away – but it was awesome! The Stamparatus is her BEST FRIEND!

Until next week…Happy Stamping!  Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!     Donna