Swaps from On Stage San Diego – Part 1

Happy Monday, Stampers!

As promised I am going to show you eight lovely cards I received at our Pals swap last Saturday after the On Stage event.

For those of you who aren’t sure what swaps are:  you sign up to swap cards and then you make the total number of cards represented by the number who signed up. You make all the cards the same, no envelope and you put your card inside a cello bag and you enclose your card or your info on a piece of paper rather than stamping on the back of the card. The Pals usually form a line and the first person gives out cards and gets at the end of the line. The line keeps moving up until the first person is at the beginning and everyone has exchanged cards. It goes quite fast and is a lot of fun when we all sit down and go through our swaps. Since I made more swaps than needed I also gave my cards to friends who didn’t swap.

Here’s my swap…which I posted last week.


Now for some really neat cards from fellow stampers!









Wow, aren’t they great! Swapping cards is fun and also gives you new ideas for making your own cards. If you like any of these cards and would like to copy one or more (remember – CASE – Copy And Share Everything) please give credit to the person you copied from.

I’ll have eight more cards for you to see on Friday. Then on Monday…I’ll have a guest stamper!!! I’m so excited.

Have a great week and…Happy Stamping!





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