Never Ending Birthday Card

Hello Stampers! I promised you another folding card and this one is definitely a winner. I found the fold idea and instructions on YouTube by Robin Messenheimer. The fold is not that difficult but putting all the DSP on and in the correct places is a bit tricky.


This is the front  – doesn’t look difficult, right!  And by the way, I’m sure you’ve already noticed that this is the Botanical Gardens DSP from last year’s Occasions Catalog. I did warn you that my goal was to go through my old DSP this year! I have A LOT! The important thing to remember is that you can use any DSP. I’ll try to make one with current DSP for you next time! 🙂


Now you open those little doors and this is what you see!


Now pull the two middle flaps – top one up and bottom one down.


Next – open each side flap.


Open each flap up…


Do you see what’s happening? You will be back to the front of the card again!


This is the coolest card I’ve ever seen. I sent this one to a friend who just celebrated her birthday on Friday and she called me up Saturday to tell me she was playing with her card. She just couldn’t get over how you could do it over and over again. She happens to be a Design Consultant for a remodeling company and my husband named this card “the remodeling card” because if you don’t like one of the looks you can “remodel” it!

Rather than me trying to explain how to make it, here’s the link to the You Tube video by Robin Messenheimer:

I hope you have enjoyed seeing this card and will try to make one yourself. I’m going to sit down now and put another one together to show you on Friday.

Until then…Happy Stamping!


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