Clean and Simple Birthday Card

I wanted to make a quick card for my grandson and the Age Awareness Stamp Set came to the rescue.

Logan's Card 1

Logan's Card 2

Sometimes less is just perfect and in this case it was!

I wanted a quick and cute gift card for both my granddaughter’s and grandson’s gifts from my mom…my sweet little Koala Stamp to the rescue this time.

Koala 1

Nothing fancy here…stamp and Candy Dot on a 3 x 3 Crumb Cake card. (Looks more grey in this photo for some reason?)

Koala 2

Very simple and to the point.

Have a great weekend and have fun stamping!


2 thoughts on “Clean and Simple Birthday Card

  1. Rosemarie, I’m so glad you like my little “plain Jane” Koala. I just love that stamp…it’s sooo cute. You are quite welcome for enabling you…it’s happened to me a few times too 🙂

  2. How cute is that kola done as plain jane?? Adorable I think! ! Thanks for enabling me with another stamp purchase. At least it isn’t retiring so I have time to wait. Thanks for sharing.

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