More Craft Fair Goodies

Pencil Packs 1

I thought these little pencil packs would fly out the door but the children went for the milk cartons filled with chocolate eggs! I did add a tag with Happy Easter after this photo was taken. Got this idea from Pootles and also made a bunch of her latest Tiny Milk Carton Easter Egg Boxes. Those were all good sellers.

Mini Milk Cartons 1


I found a super idea from Brandee Consentino to make a notebook case with pad, pen and envelope pocket.

Notebook Cases 1

Notebook Case 2

Notebook Case 3

Notebook Case 4

Everyone loved these! I’m going to start carrying one around with me to show and use!

I had about a dozen Easter cards and they went. Next year I’ll make more!

The Craft Fair was a success in $$ and contacts made.  🙂

Now it’s time to get designing new Easter Cards for my classes this week.

Watch for Weekly Deals tomorrow!

Happy Stamping!


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