Some Items for Craft Fair

As promised, I am finally posting the first of my craft fair items. Many thanks to those who gave me great ideas.

Cadbury Egg Holders 1

My upline and fearless leader, Mary Fish, gave me this first idea for Cadbury Egg Holders. They are just sooo cute!

Cadbury Egg Holder 2

See how the candy egg is tucked away? I think these will sell fast.

The idea for my next item came from Connie Stewart. These are so nifty…emery board pockets for your purse or tote bag.

Emery Board Pockets 1

If these don’t sell I’ll be shocked but I’m sure all my friends would appreciate one. 🙂

Emery Board Pocket 2

The ribbon doesn’t show too well but I think you can see how the emery board can be pulled out easily by the little ribbon on the end and then slid back into the pocket to protect items in your purse or bag.

Of course, I’ll be selling little boxed sets of cards.

Boxed Set of Cards

I have several varieties of cards in these great little boxes I bought from Uline. I’ll also allow customers to purchase 4 cards from my rack to make their own sets of cards. I’ll have some ribbon on hand to tie them up.

I’ll share some more items on Friday…I have to babysit the grand-kids tomorrow so I’ll be busy and exhausted!

Happy Stamping!



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